Spill It Sunday: Childhood Dreams


This is such a fun one! I had a great time looking at old photographs and will post them later on! Here’s one for you today – this is a reoccurring pose. Sass and a lot of smiling like this.


What did you want to be when you were younger (career wise)?

I didn’t really know as a kid, but I liked to read and write all the time. Nothing like a book but maybe articles. I guess that’s why I like blogging.

When I got a little older, maybe middle and high school, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist/basketball commentator:

In fact, that’s how I ended up picking colleges. U of Wash, U of O, Temple University, and UNC Asheville all had programs! I went another direction though.

What dreams did you have when you were younger?

I wanted to be one of those models in teen magazines. Who didn’t? Darn you media!


Old selfie from 2010 when I felt like a model, which is about 10 pounds lighter naturally.


Going along with the above career dream, I wanted to marry a basketball player. Top choices:

Corey Maggette

Raja Bell

Allan Houston

I hardly thought about dreams until later in high school and college. I dream of having a home and designing it like Making it Lovely or Young House Love.

Are you in the same career path as what you wanted?

Not exactly. I actually stopped watching basketball altogether. However, I still get to talk a lot in my job. 🙂

Have you achieved any of your childhood dreams?

We’re on our way to owning a home. We will hear back soon, and it’s nerve-wracking!

Will you try and make any of those dreams realities?

I’d totally marry a hot basketball player if that chance came up, but I’ll “settle” for a normal guy.

I’d be a liar if I told you I wasn’t chasing that “model” body (see selfie above).

Other than that, my dreams have changed. They are more practical now. Most of it is traveling and living in nature. Hello Colorado? I’m looking into working in Boulder this summer teaching high school students at UC Boulder’s pre-college program. Thoughts?

How are you doing on achieving your childhood dreams?


5 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday: Childhood Dreams

  1. Hi Julie! Just popping over from Arman’s link up, and I LOVE your little kid photos – so much sass! And those glasses! I also dreamed about marrying a basketball player (so much so that at my actual wedding – not to a basketball player! – my mom popped up photos of some of my NBA crushes on my wedding slideshow!!!). I love Colorado, so I hope you go for the Boulder job!

    • I did like Lamar too but not as much as before. If I get to the model body or not, I’m not worried about it. Plus, I’m pretty sure my idea of a “model body” isn’t really that.

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