MIMM: First weekend/hike of 2014

Saturday, I hung out with my MARVELOUS little cousin and our moms shopping and running errands. So exciting.

After a nap, I went to a MARVELOUS dinner to celebrate Thomas’ 33rd birthday! Last time this group got together was on his 32nd birthday!


We went to Sandy’s Grill right on the beach. It’s one of a few restaurants of different names along the CA coast and in Hawaii.

My cousin Chris got some MARVELOUS cornbread with sriracha honey butter. We still have some left.


I enjoyed a MARVELOUS beer (El Segundo Blue House Citra Ale – light lemon on the front with a hoppy finish) and seafood cocktail with shrimp, lobster, and avocado.


Made a new friend. Always making new friends.


I slept in on Sunday, but Peter, his girlfriend Rachel, and I went on a MARVELOUS midday hike in the Santa Anita Canyon/Sierra Madre range.


Lifelong friends πŸ™‚ 2o MARVELOUS years of friendship!


Actually, I used to hate him for calling me Julie Llama. He remembers I used to wear funky dresses all the time. Thanks mom.

Circa 1994

We ended up off the trail and found our way to Hermit Falls. It’s a small waterfall that ends in a gorgeous round pool of water surrounded by rocks.


Made it! I definitely need better hiking shoes without investing in hiking boots.


We also did another hike up to Sturtevant Falls, but my phone died.

I’m glad we started the first weekend of 2014 with a hike!

I hadn’t eaten anything all day so I made another sandwich with a side of edamame, and I’m now eating an apple.

Peter & Rachel lent me Divergent, which I heard is MARVELOUS!


Along with the natural sleeping aids Peter gave me, I should be able to fall asleep and get back on track!

What was your fashion like as a kid?


11 thoughts on “MIMM: First weekend/hike of 2014

    • I still hear people hiking in the snow, which I would never do! It’s hard enough walking in snow much less trying to figure out where trails are. Plus, I’m a klutz and slip on rocks already. Maybe that snow would break my fall though.

  1. You will love Divergent! It’s one of my favorite books (the whole series is). Looks like you had a great weekend! That cornbread with sriracha honey butter? YUM. Need to find some of that.

    • The cornbread wasn’t dry, which was a big plus. The sriracha honey butter is simple and can totally be made at home with the ingredients in its name. Haha. We just HAD to try it!

  2. I have wayyyy too much to say about this post.
    #1. Your cousin couldn’t look more miserable
    #2. Cornbread is in my top 5 favorite foods…and Sriracha Honey Butter???? Oh gosh…
    #3. I like that you drink beer because I feel like a lot of bloggers don’t and I always feel like an oddball.


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