My Fitness Age & a whole lot of bread

I couldn’t sleep last night. Instead, I decided to get free juice at Nekter Juice Bar’s grand opening, but the line was ridiculous and I really just wanted bread. I wasn’t going to drive out to Temecula so when I drove by a Panera, I went in.

I picked the asiago cheese loaf. Still warm and so dangerous. Thank goodness my cousin polished it off!


I finally fell asleep at 8 in the morning. For 4 hours.

Time for adventure/some fresh air. This is our weather. Hoping everyone in the midst of Hercules is doing okay!


I always have to stop by Sidecar Doughnuts once a month for their new flavors. I ate a quarter of this cornbread doughnut and saved the rest.


I came home and had a real meal. More bread. Carbo-loading much?

Best sandwich ever: 2 egg whites, chicken breast, 2 slices salami, avocado, and cheese on this bread. A lot more of these are happening.


Then I fell asleep for 5 more hours. How will I get up for work on Monday?!

My only workout today was kettlebell swings/single-leg deadlifts just because and 2 times through Fitnessista’s new Zumba video. I’m so excited for Gina to move out this way!

It’s okay though… my fitness age is -20.

My Fitness Age

After watching this video, I was curious to see what my “Fitness Age” was. This isn’t 100% correct (but nothing ever is), but I’m happy to know that despite a few extra pounds aesthetically, I’m healthier than most.

For fun, you can take it here.

Um, so there are new episodes of “Dexter” on Netflix. I watched every single episode when it was on TV, which rarely happens so time to take a step back in time and re-watch the first season. 🙂

Oh and let me go do some more kettlebell swings and overhead lunges. Maybe I should keep it instead of returning it…

What’s your fitness age?

What have you been eating a lot of in the new year?


4 thoughts on “My Fitness Age & a whole lot of bread

  1. Whoa, that bread. Yes yes yes. And the sandwich is also a yes. How have I never had egg whites with salami? It’s a disgrace to my Italian heritage.

    Oi, my fitness age is not great, 43, ouch. But just gotta keep working on it. As for foods, all about kale and grapefruit so far this year (typing this while noshing on some delicious chocolate biscuit thing my boyfriend just gave me, oops).

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