WIAW: New Year’s Eve/Day

Happy New Year! This post is coming a little late because I slept in. What’s new? The theme of this winter break: sleep.

And no hangover.

My friend Vanessa and I went to a late brunch at Eat Chow. I got their grilled cheese combo with turkey chili. The chili was delicious abet salty. I wasn’t a fan of the grilled cheese with tomatoes and avocado though. :/

Lunch at Eat Chow

We decided to take a reflective walk at The Wedge, at the edge of the Balboa Peninsula.

The Wedge



The last sunset of 2013:

Last sunset of 2013

I came home to get ready for the night and proceeded to eat Fitnessista’s perfect protein pancakes made in the microwave. It was much fluffier than usual and quicker too. I’ll have to give this a shot more.

Mug pancake

…and a double chocolate chunk Quest bar.

Other Julie and I headed to downtown Long Beach’s The Federal Bar. We were a little early so enjoyed a fancy cocktail and got these silly bracelets…

The Federal Bar

It took awhile for everyone to get admitted so the event didn’t really begin till 11. We drank red wine, champagne, & a Moscow Mule over the course of 3 hours.

We stopped drinking before midnight and danced instead. If NYE is an indicator of 2014, I’m all for it!

I felt confident in my dress all night. This was a big concern. Except I came home, and the mesh had stained my arms black… so not going for black face.


We left right after midnight, after I danced with a very attractive guy who was probably 4 years younger than me – shoot I’ve still got game, to have our first meal of 2014: a protein style In N Out hamburger without the sauce. I know, bland.

1st meal of 2014

I slept in again and had lunch: whole wheat flatbread stuffed with 2 egg whites, soy cheddar, avocado, and SALAMI!


Have you worked out today yet? I will be. Later. No need to worry after 3 years of doing it consistently!

What are your plans for the day? So far, I ate, am reading blog posts, will work out, and watch “Scandal.” 🙂


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