Five Things Friday: I actually listen to music.


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I’d have more categories, but it’s definitely past my bedtime and I have another long workday. At least there’s no extraneous meeting on top of it… and I’m almost done with homework… and it’s Friday! Also, this post has a lot of GEMS for you to watch/read/eat so let’s get to it!

Five videos I watched

Happy [Chinese/Lunar] New Year! This is my New Year favorite song, and it was tough finding it… especially since I cannot read any Chinese and only speak it conversationally.

Speaking of that, these guys are awesome and cover almost every single (individually):

Easily better than the original. Sorry if you disagree:

Aida Mollenkamp has a new channel:

Another duo of hotness: Shakira and Rihanna in their song “Can’t Remember to Forget You.”

Five Six links

One twin gave up sugar, the other gave up fat.

My love for “I Love Lucy” and mid-century modern is why I belong in the 50s.

30 photos that will make you fall in love with Asheville

I’m a dietician and my toddler is obese.

Looking sick vs. looking healthy

Why you’re not getting enough sleep – crazy stats!

Five foods

Lauren’s post featured amazing beer + food pairings. I was so glad she could share the ceviche recipe!

This would be easier to make though.

Dream come true: a cocktail-inspired protein shake?

Let’s get wild:

Or not and say we did…

What are you up to this weekend?

Will someone remind me to buy my tickets for a wine + whiskey + appetizer event? K thanks!

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Nap & rest


This is such a fluff post, but I’m working on a post on What is normal eating? for next week. I’m going to not only post my eats but the eats of my family members who put a lot less thought on their eats.

I took a 4 hour nap after sleeping a good 7.5 hours the night before. This makes up for last week. Needless to say, a workout did not happen.

I’m addicted to “Breaking Bad.” Yeah, I was late to the party. My roommate and I watched it years ago then when I moved, I stopped watching. 😦 Now I’ll watch a few episodes a night.

I’m also into QuizUp. My cousin introduced me to it and it’s so much fun!

One more assignment and I’m done with this class. It’s a big one.

I need an oven so I want to bake spaghetti squash and make this:

I love this kitchen, but I decided not to do red.

I can just make these in the meantime though, and now I’m hungry.

Valentine’s Day is coming up according to Pinterest. These are the cutest ever!

I love V-Day, but this is more like me:


And here’s a throwback Thursday picture for you:

Me in 1st grade


My mom at 28


Hasn’t January been the longest month?!

Help me out! So, what is normal eating?

WIAW: Fit Expo reviews

This week’s eats features samples and purchases after the L.A. Fit Expo. Here’s just one day in the week. I’ve added a few reviews at the end. 🙂
8 A.M. 1/2 double chocolate chunk Quest Bar, sipped on my protein smoothie on my way to work
*1st period class
10:15 A.M. polished of protein smoothie: vanilla Supreme Protein, frozen pineapple tidbits, greens, water, ice
*3rd period class
~12:30-12:45 P.M. 1/2 can tuna, 4 Brussel sprouts, Betty Lou’s coconut macadamia protein ball
*5th period class
*30 minute nap 😦
7 P.M. Trader Joe’s whole wheat flatbread, 1/2 with Daiya shredded cheddar & 1/2 with Sprint 2 the Table’s peanut tofu butter & Oxygen Mag’s power jelly.
8:30 P.M. NEW! Cookies & Cream Quest Bar
Called a few GNC stores…
Yes, it requires 2 pictures: the texture & taste is like double chocolate chunk.
9:30 P.M. And more dessert: Halo Top Creamery lemon cake, my favorite!
Review of exhibitors from L.A. Fit Expo:
  • Supreme Protein – New brand that will be coming soon. They were a big presence at the Expo. Their protein bars were notable, especially the apple cinnamon. I got a couple of protein samples. I couldn’t really taste the vanilla flavoring today but the cappuccino flavor was apparent in yesterday’s smoothie.
  • Betty Lou’s – The company makes Just Great Stuff powdered PB, which is a little more expensive than PB2. I’ve never seen the rest of their line, which includes nut butter balls. They were so good!
  • Reed’s – I found $2 off coupons last week and they were giving out $1 off coupons at the Expo. I’ve tried almost every flavor. I’m not too picky about my kombucha though I do love GT’s. I like that it helps my tummy. 🙂 I probably wouldn’t shell out the MSRP price.
  • Daiya – Not only do they have shredded cheese and cheese slices, they have cream cheese now. I got a coupon and there was a sale so I chose the shreds. The cheese is good but must be melted; otherwise, it tastes foul. Unlike other cheeses, it melts well and makes for a good quesadilla or grilled cheese. Their strawberry cream cheese is amazing too!
  • Quest Bar bar – Okay, I LOVE Quest. I may or may not eat one a day. This might not be the best thing for me, but it quells my chocolate cravings and is a great portable snack. Anyways, I called a few GNC stores after seeing that some had them in the back room. Lo and behold, I got a couple of the new flavor. Along with raspberry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie dough, and double chocolate chunk, cookies & cream is a favorite.
  • Halo Top Creamery – I didn’t see them though they were on the map. I’ve only tried lemon and reviews tell me this is the best one. It’s not like Arctic Zero. The texture is that of ice cream not icy lemonade and there is flavor and sweetness.
Other favorites: