MIMM: Post-Christmas relaxation

I perused the mall on Saturday and Sunday, scoping out shoes to go with my NYE’s dress. Found these MARVELOUS red suede Mary Janes for $25! I had to think it over – will I put them to use later? Red will be perfect for Valentine’s Day right?


I also walked into enough stores and scanned enough items with the MARVELOUS shopkick app to earn $20 in gift cards to Target.

I’m a little obsessed, but hey, it got me some groceries and fun polishes!

My NYE polish choice! (Not my hand)

Besides ahi tuna and eggs, my favorite protein is MARVELOUS lobster with a side of Amy’s Light & Lean spinach lasagna.


Snack time is changing. More veggies like MARVELOUS edamame and the occasional dip in the quart of ice cream.


Late Saturday night, I headed to Improv in Brea. First timer! After 2 glasses of MARVELOUS wine, the comedians became funnier and he wasn’t too bad looking for 38/my tastes have changed. No more boys!

Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra

After the show, my friend and I stayed up talking until 4 A.M. and I didn’t get in bed till 5.

I woke up Sunday at 2 P.M. and found my only Christmas present from my MARVELOUS cousin. Better late than never and I totally needed this!


The holidays were fun, but what is MARVELOUS now that Christmas is over?


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