New Year’s Eve idea board

So… I woke up at 11. I made breakfast/lunch and then walked around town. I had plans for winter break and none of it has happened. Instead, I’m binge watching “Scandal” and attempting to finish a book (or will give up on it soon to start another).

Columbus Short, who stars in “Scandal,” has gotten much more handsome and charming since “Stomp The Yard.”

Stomp The Yard

First time trying Passionberry Bliss. It was BOGO kombucha from Whole Foods yesterday.

Fitnessista’s protein pancakes for dinner. Again.


The weather has been unseasonably hot so I picked up some old school Thrifty ice cream: cookies & cream, my old standby, and birthday cake. Glad I have family to help me eat it…


Because I need to fit into this dress for New Year’s Eve. $9 from Forever 21. I picked the black over turquoise because it’s more flattering.


Since the dress is rather plain, I needed some ideas to sparkle it up. I started with blue sparkly polish but think I should go lighter… also did my little cousin’s toes and fingers.


Nail polish ideas:

I played with some eye makeup and it’s clear my skills are lacking. I should go simple.

I may attempt this at another time:

Colorful tall suede wedges maybe?

Indigo is a little too dark.

If I could afford it, I would get this dress from ModCloth and pick a more delicate shoe. I love ModCloth and wish it was my whole wardrobe!

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

What will you be wearing?


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