Thank You Body for a Big Year!

Holidays are magical – spending time with family, eating out, and ditching the gym for workouts at home.

Same thing year after year, and my body loves it.

I lost some weight this summer partying and drinking.

Then I gained it back since October. Who knows why?

I’m on my way back down though. No big deal.

Today is “Thank Your Body Thursday.”

Not the best picture of me – darn those stripes, but these pants from a year ago still fit.


I’m not 100% sure what my body looked like last year, but I love it more this year. Here’s a better angle.


This was a BIG year. This is early, but it’s happening…

  • I stayed in touch with my forever roommate Yancey.
  • I visited San Francisco and D. Flo. Hm, those turquoise pants seem to look better now.
  • I went back to school. I’m still in school.
  • I tried CrossFit for 4 months. I even won our gym’s partner paleo challenge!
  • I went to my first blogger retreat, Blend, in Park City, Utah. Met and kept in touch with some wonderful ladies.

  • I switched positions at work for awhile.
  • I got 2 interviews for jobs I’m not entirely qualified for. I was even one of two finalists.
  • I made friends, partied, and in general, had fun.
  • I said goodbye to my first car and inherited my mom’s Honda Element.
  • I met a guy. He was a little lot insecure and crazy. It went on for 2 months. He broke it off then wanted it on, and I said no.
  • I got over it and met another guy. He took me out on dates, but he was a little lot needy. I broke it off after 2 weeks.
  • Probably because I thought I was in love with a friend of 6 years this one weekend. I’ve had a crush on him before. FYI: unlikely we’ll get together.
  • I went on lots of hikes and day trips.

  • Of course, mistakes were made. I try to forget them, but it’s okay.

Best selfies of the year: Damn, my [summer] body is rocking.

And next year promises to be even better. How do I know? Because I suppose you can say, it’s part of my ongoing recovery (from ED and exercise bulimia not drugs and alcohol).

How was your year? Wins/losses?


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