MIMM: San Diego girls’ getaway

I spent a MARVELOUS day and a half in San Diego with my friend Vanessa!

First, answer these questions for me! I find that these get lost after all the pictures!

Have you been to San Diego?

What’s your favorite protein? I decided that eggs and ahi tuna are my favorite!

Where’s your favorite place for dessert?

We stayed at the MARVELOUS Hilton Bayfront – pretty good prices.


We got a MARVELOUS view of the bay.



While waiting for Vanessa to get ready (an hour!), I went to downstairs and had a drink. I checked in on Yelp and got my flight of LOCAL beers for $5!


We got in late so the ONLY thing to do was head to the MARVELOUS Gaslamp District.



$2 you call it – we got a 3 shots of Patron each.


We made some new friends, went dancing, and I apparently ate 2 HUGE slices of pizza and some wings at 3 AM. That freaked me out, but I realized I hadn’t eaten much all day and I wasn’t hung over the next day. 🙂

In the morning, I frolicked in the salt water pool and jacuzzi for awhile.



Then I showered and got ready to go walk 2 miles each way to the MARVELOUS Little Italy Saturday Mercato.


The weather was gorgeous and the architecture… swoon. Did I tell you that I wanted to become an architectural historian?


This is THE MOST MARVELOUS farmer’s market ever!



I got a green juice to make me feel more human again.


..and beef jerky infused with craft beer.


When I got back to the hotel, Vanessa was awake and ready for lunch. I picked Crazee Burger, which was featured on the Food Network.



They have game meats (boar, buffalo, venison), ostrich, and… kangaroo. Yeah, I went for it! Friends said they liked kangaroo, but I thought it was a little dry – probably a lean cut of meat.


We weren’t going to drink again and it was too late for any boating adventures. :/ Instead, we explored the MARVELOUS Hotel del Coronado.


Afterwards, we headed back to the Gaslamp for a historic ghost tour. I hadn’t noticed the MARVELOUS architecture and got to go inside some buildings. Our tour guide was MARVELOUS too! He had an old West accent and made inappropriate jokes. 🙂


Old brothel


Of course there were some MARVELOUS quirks as we walked down the street.




We weren’t quite hungry, but it was 9 PM so we went to dinner at The Boathouse. It was deserted – we went because Vanessa had a gift card. Not the best restaurant by any means, but I LOVE fish and the menu had every fish possible.

I got the MARVELOUS ahi tuna with veggies. So good!


[My phone died so here are pictures from the internet… :)]

Stopped by Starlite to get dessert. I loved their MARVELOUS mid-century decor, my favorite!


Nothing called to us. Starlite is more of a bar really, since the huge bar takes up the entire center of the restaurant.


We left and went to Extraordinary Desserts. I’ve gotten a couple of their $8-$9 slices of cakes and was not impressed. The downtown location is big and beautiful though.

We got the strawberry shortcake with roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream… and again, not impressed! The cake was more of an almond cookie. :/


Have you been to San Diego?

What’s your favorite protein? I decided that eggs and ahi tuna are my favorite!

Where’s your favorite place for dessert?

12 thoughts on “MIMM: San Diego girls’ getaway

    • My friend asked me if I’d live there, and yes I would! I would definitely live on the outskirts though – not sure if I can handle the traffic all the time! It’s definitely better than LA.

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