Finished!: All in day [off]

…for now at least.

This is my FIRST “Thinking out Loud” Thursday with Amanda.

I finished all my homework for this last week 3 days early. 5 assignments.

I didn’t work yesterday. Not by choice, but nothing came up! Ah, the life of a substitute teacher. I had a good run of consecutive positions, and I could have gotten a job had I woken up super early.

I won’t explain how it all works, but most districts use the same system in which the automated phone calls start at 6 A.M. and starts calling people randomly. If you wake up before 6, you can get dibs on it before anyone else. Most of my positions come from stalking the online system… except today – they called.

I’m working at a new-to-me school site today and tomorrow, which is a bit of a bummer since that means I don’t get to see “my students” before break. Alas, I’ll live. I’m teaching Spanish! Spanish, not history, was my favorite subject in high school. I had an amazing teacher, Senor Gonzalez, for several years and after 3 years in college and no Spanish whatsoever, I could still test into the equivalent of Spanish 4. 🙂

I took advantage of the day off.

Slept in till 8:30ish.

Worked out. Saw the dogs watching me from outside.


Starving because I woke up late and worked out. Plus, some apples and meat & cheese.


Homework session #1.

Drove to Downtown Santa Ana to eat at The Grilled Cheese Spot after seeing it on A Spoonful of Sunshine.

Saw that Yelp reviews for Crave were better.


Really nice for such a casual restaurant – you order at the counter and sit yourself.


Got this BLTA (that A is for avocado) on FRESH house made sourdough bread. I’m a sucker for fresh bread and this did not disappoint! It was perfectly soft in the middle and crunchy/chewy on the edges.


Ate half, walked around until my meter ran out.



Stopped by Mother’s Market for milk. Saw Santa.


Homework session #2. Ate other half of sandwich.

Went for a walk at Target. Scanned a ton of items to get shopkick points and bought dark chocolate Reese’s cups for Rita (work BFF).

Homework session #3.

Interrupted by Michael Buble’s Christmas special.

Mariah, you kill me. Your hair was blowing too… just like on all your album covers. Timeless.

Exhausted. Going to bed. Maybe…

How do you spend a day off when it’s not expected?
Have you ever tried shopick?


3 thoughts on “Finished!: All in day [off]

  1. Did Michael and Mariah do her famous Xmas classic together?! I must see that if they did!
    Um that sandwich looks like heaven. I’m glad you took advantage of your day off. A Santa sighting is always a good day off!
    I actually did always wonder about the whole substitute teacher system. Maybe that’s why I tended to have more subs who were very serious – they were the ones who woke up early enough to get shit done and secure a position for the day! 😛

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