Tuesday Thoughts: Currently Treating Myself


This is a quick one because I…

  • slept in.
  • am going out to lunch.
  • am walking on the beach.
  • getting ready for New Year’s Eve.
  • going to a bash at The Federal Bar.


Thinking about: the New Year. About someone who I hardly know but am intrigued by. 🙂

Reading: Blogs and attempting to finish Wild before the end of the year. Then, it’s off to brand new books. Among them:

  • Divergent series
  • Blackberry Winter, The Bungalow, The Last Camellia, & Morning Glory by Sarah Jio
  • Any suggestions?

Listening to: I can’t stop listening to Chvrches’ “The Mother We Share.” This will forever remind me of San Diego.

Watching: “Scandal.” I started before the weekend (Thursday maybe) and am on season 3 already!

Thankful for:  Everyone. My friends here and my friends in the blogging community that I had a chance to meet this year! Thanks for a wonderful year!

How my goals have changed over the years

I took a trip down memory lane and looked back at my older posts, specifically my goals. I’ve been blogging forever since the days of Xanga in high school. I went back in time to 2010 when I first started this blog when I had an eating disorder. It’s painful to see how I wrote down so many crazy goals and wrote out my meal plans to a “T.”

I wrote my goals for the next year because they’re expected. Now I just want to delete them. But I won’t. I’m sharing them because these goals are nothing like the goals of 2010, 2011, or even 2012.

I wrote these goals because this is where I am in life. There are no weight loss goals here. The closest thing to it is “picking smarter snacks,” but that’s because I’ve been eating ice cream everyday since I bought a carton. 🙂

So here they are, the 2014 goals that aren’t that big of a deal:

Dress my age. Does anyone else have this problem? My work clothes are my mom’s clothes. Then I shop for clothes in the junior section because the misses or women’s sections are a little lot older. This is a work in progress.

Take more time getting ready. I’m known to be ready in 5 minutes. I’m not 100% sure if I want to give this up yet since I find I look the same.

Fall in love. Yeah, that’s on my bucket list. It’s happening this year and I can feel it. 🙂

Read at least 1 book per month. I’ll work on a list and let you know, but it begins with the Divergent series. Might try to read the books my book club is reading though.

Save up for student teaching. Gah, I don’t wanna… The holidays and that $500 leak in my car made this difficult this month.

Get a better [summer] job. F the fair.

Go out in nature more. That means hiking once per month and taking walks or bike rides outside at least 2-3 times per week. I really have no excuse as our weather here is fantastic.

Be more social. 2013 was a big change from the other years in that I was social at all. This will continue. I even went to a couple of Meetup group events and would like to go to more. I’d also like to join something, like kickball.

Get enough rest. Ideally, 8 hours of sleep and yoga/walk instead of my afternoon naps. However, my 6 hours of sleep at night and afternoon naps were nice and completely acceptable during the fall/winter. I needed to recharge after work before working out.

Pick smarter snacks, like edamame, Quest bars, Greek yogurt, and do not buy things like “healthy” chips & nuts as much.

Go on vacation to… Asheville, Savannah, Seattle.

Lesser to-dos:

Take that Tspoons cooking class I bought a Groupon for awhile ago. Also, try a wine and canvas class.

How have your goals changed over the years?

MIMM: Post-Christmas relaxation

I perused the mall on Saturday and Sunday, scoping out shoes to go with my NYE’s dress. Found these MARVELOUS red suede Mary Janes for $25! I had to think it over – will I put them to use later? Red will be perfect for Valentine’s Day right?


I also walked into enough stores and scanned enough items with the MARVELOUS shopkick app to earn $20 in gift cards to Target.

I’m a little obsessed, but hey, it got me some groceries and fun polishes!

My NYE polish choice! (Not my hand)

Besides ahi tuna and eggs, my favorite protein is MARVELOUS lobster with a side of Amy’s Light & Lean spinach lasagna.


Snack time is changing. More veggies like MARVELOUS edamame and the occasional dip in the quart of ice cream.


Late Saturday night, I headed to Improv in Brea. First timer! After 2 glasses of MARVELOUS wine, the comedians became funnier and he wasn’t too bad looking for 38/my tastes have changed. No more boys!

Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra

After the show, my friend and I stayed up talking until 4 A.M. and I didn’t get in bed till 5.

I woke up Sunday at 2 P.M. and found my only Christmas present from my MARVELOUS cousin. Better late than never and I totally needed this!


The holidays were fun, but what is MARVELOUS now that Christmas is over?