High Five Friday: Spirit week


HIGH FIVE for morning and afternoon drives along PCH.

HIGH FIVE for Sidecar doughnuts – goat cheese, fig, & walnut (left) and pumpkin mousse/ginger snap/maple cream fraiche (right)

HIGH FIVE for my chocolate drawer at work on Halloween and everyday… good splurge.

Sock weather, and HIGH FIVE for leg acceptance. As I was working out (or trying to), I checked out the powerful muscles in my legs!

…and HIGH FIVE for ugly but comfortable pajama dress.

HIGH FIVE for getting invited to the new teacher lunch bunch. They’re finally recognizing us (me and my favorite co-worker).

HIGH FIVE for spirit week. It was more comfortable.

HIGH FIVE for a new school jacket on sale!

I didn’t go to the big game this year though.

Gold & green road to the 9 years of victory?

HIGH FIVE for simple yet satisfying meals: can of tuna with frozen veggies & buffalo wing sauce!

HIGH FIVE for another month with my kids!

What are you excited about this month? We get a week off for Thanksgiving. I’m not entirely excited since I like to get paid and I love my kids though. I am antsy to know if I’ll be sticking around for December. I’m likely to stick around the school in general because of the lack of subs though.

Also excited about Christmas songs!


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