MIMM: Jill’s wedding

My cousin Jill tied the knot with her boyfriend of 10+ years this weekend. This is one of the first non-super Asian or traditional weddings I’ve attended, mostly because none of my friends are married yet.
MARVELOUS nail stickers for my aunt

MARVELOUS outfit of the day for my cousin’s wedding

With one of my more MARVELOUS cousins on her special day.


Spent time with my MARVELOUS mom…

…and my cousin.

MARVELOUS centerpiece with a beta fish!

MARVELOUS first dance

MARVELOUS photo booth pictures with my cousin…

…and my mom & aunt.

Asian food that wasn’t too bad except this taro paste dessert… weird.


Tips to a successful wedding: only invite close family members, have a candy bar even a simple one, & of course, have an open bar. Except I was too hungover to take advantage beyond red wine and champagne.

What’s the best wedding you’ve been to and why?


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