MIMM: Recap of last week

Happy August! Can you believe it?

I just woke up after a marathon 11 hours of sleep… and I could have slept more!

Here’s a recap of last week:

MARVELOUS Monday dinner and hang out with co-workers at Pizzeria Mozza

Tried bone marrow but wasn’t a fan

Nancy’s Chopped Salad, which was pretty disappointing

Tuesday: worked/watched people set up new tables and did homework

Reminds me of the Outer Banks trip of 2010 with Yancey and Drew. MARVELOUS. Paradise.

MARVELOUS vintage airline pieces

Wednesday: worked, napped maybe, happy hour and karaoke

Yoga after work is MARVELOUSLY calming

Crossroads at House of Blues – Ness was so good singing The Beatles’ “Oh Darling”

Becca & I sang Grease’s MARVELOUS “Summer Nights” with Lawrence

MARVELOUS girls’ night

Thursday: went to work, worked out, watched 4 MARVELOUS episodes of “Dexter” with a new friend πŸ™‚

Friday: worked, went to the fair (which is work) with friends and on a semi set up, tried to hang out with other friends who also went to the fair but failed to find them, went to a small gathering, and then chatted philosophically until 3 A.M.

Saturday: worked a busy day filled with 840 cupcakes on 3.5 hours of sleep, cancelled plans for other plans, those other plans changed, did homework instead which is probably what I should’ve been doing

No more cupcakes after this

Christy made me a MARVELOUS bouquet of coffee filter peonies… and they won’t die!

Sunday: work, take my not so MARVELOUS midterm (non-negotiable because it’s due!)

Sadly, my Monday will be filled with no-so-MARVELOUS errands and homework, as I’ve put them aside long enough. 😦


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