Tone It Up Tuesday

Instead of fitness Friday, I decided to share some of my workouts today. I realized I do so many different workouts – it’s all over the place!

Thursday: self-imposed lower body workout

I love Fitocracy app’s graphics!

Friday: yoga in Tom’s reminded me of a guy friend who always wears Tom’s with tight jeans.

Skipped Sunday because I slept in and went to work.
Dance class today, Monday.
After a couple of weeks off, felt good to get back to CrossFit today! “Fight Gone Bad” kills me and leaves me shaking but might be my favorite WOD – I like to pretend I’m BJ Penn [in his prime].
“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Round for Max Reps
1 Min Wall Ball
1 Min Box Jump
1 Min Push Press
1 Min Row for Calories
1 Min Rest

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