High Five Friday: 2 [call backs] in 1 [week]?!

HIGH FIVE for the first day of summer!


HIGH FIVE for finally getting that call to interview! I was supposed to get a “courtesy” interview at the very least.

HIGH FIVE for preserved foods judging. This week officially began my summer job and judging foods is one of the most fun parts. I only organize, but I get to taste when the judges allow.

Soon this will be packed with vendors and people!

HIGH FIVE for fixing my tummy. I continued my easy-to-digest meals today starting with 1) chocolate cayenne smoothie 2) blueberry “cheesecake” protein shake 3) liver cleanse 4) chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar along with applesauce, a packet of seaweed, and gasp, a couple of slices of bread with peanut butter.
Drink up

I also picked up the ginger cookie caramel flavor of Coconut Bliss.
A bit too sweet for me. Maybe if they omitted the caramel.

HIGH FIVE for a call today for an interview at my alma mater! I am so fortunate!

Now I just have to get in some studying time for the exam required for the job(s).

How was your week exciting?
Have you ever done a juice cleanse? I can’t commit to that though.


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