MIMM: Memorial Day Weekend


Hopefully all of you don’t have to work today, but I’m going into the office to take advantage of the time off, and do homework too. This weekend was eventful though:

Drinking [4 semi-fancy beers] and BBQing with marvelous new friends

Remembering that I get too competitive in beer pong and should avoid it as to not scare people
Making marvelous plans to go bowling with the above people next weekend
Celebrating Memorial Day weekend with marvelous [chicken] hot dogs
Cooking with pasta. Yeah, you heard it. I made and ate marvelous Kitchen Queen Eats Clean’s vegan mac and cheese with Essential Eating sprouted elbows
Attempting to make that delicious Chobani panna cotta from Friday dinner at Blend. FYI: didn’t turn out with just gelatin; needs the addition of heavy cream.

However, making marvelous nut butter was highly successful. I used some peanuts from a can and Salt Traders‘ sea salt via my Eat Boutique win from Blend. In fact, I bought cashew pieces to play today!

Having my aunt visit from the old country

One of many sisters: my mom, my visiting aunt, and my mom’s fraternal twin

Going to the marvelous Patchwork Arts & Craft Festival

Finally buying a marvelous cereal killer spoon
Surprises in the mail: the marvelous Handful bra I won at Blend
…and “Persepolis” on DVD for my students to watch when we talk about the Iranian Revolution. That’s as political as I’ll get with y’all.
Skipping CrossFit all week for marvelous hot yoga

What marvelous activities did you do over the holiday weekend? Unfortunately, I’m off to work for a bit and then I’ll have to start some homework. 😦 Not so marvelous.


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