MIMM: Festival of Whales & back to school

I drove down to Dana Point for Festival of the Whales on Saturday. We hit up the parade and ate lunch and was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my veggie burger (sans bun) from Shwack Beach Grill.

Walked a lot and just hung out

Dana Point Harbor’s Baby Beach, enclosed from the ocean

Absolutely gorgeous stretch of beach at the end of the walk, behind Ocean Institute, with my mom and little cousin

Sunday was a relaxed day, getting ready for back to school – not traditional but online – and its been uh, 2.5-3 years since I was in school!

Flatout wrap with chicken, soy cheese, and kale/spinach/chard

Couldn’t remember if I liked this hummus or not. I don’t really.

I do love this:

Back to the grind tomorrow. Good thing I don’t work after work. That means 2 chances to nap!

Only if I could lay my head to rest.

What do you do to get to sleep?


3 thoughts on “MIMM: Festival of Whales & back to school

  1. Haha – I LOVE your alarm labels. My favorite is "You love this job" … I need that reminder :)I drink caffeine-free tea before bed, and sometimes a calming tea if I feel a little too wired. It helps!

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