March goals, pure and simple

February goals:

  • Apply for 10 more jobs. Big step up from last month.
  • Read a book.
  • Send Yancey and Weston’s Valentine’s Day package.
  • Practice yoga, stretching, or walk 2xs each week in addition to regular workouts.
  • Get back to budgeting weekly. 

The reality is I didn’t apply for 10 jobs this month. The count came about about 5, partly because I haven’t been trying but mostly because jobs are MIA at this point in the year.

March goals:

  • Get an A in my first class! I’m back in school… online.
  • Read a book. Yep, I’m still planning on this one even with textbooks I’ll have to read now.

  • (source)

  • Go to CrossFit 3-4 times per week.
  • Keep budgeting! I did okay but not great, particularly because I bought a few extras (vacations).
  • Enjoy my trip to San Francisco. 
  • Apply for 5 jobs.

The class I’m taking is online and lasts one month, which means there’s no time to spare. I prepared a schedule for the week:

What will you do this month?


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