WIAW: New & returning

Best breakfast ever. That’s all. 🙂

That tag #firstworldproblems? I had one. How do I carry my yoga mat on my bike? Answer: rope.

PiYo (Pilates/yoga with plyometrics) was intense. The balance poses killed my shins, which have never been a problem for me. Except my feet are all messed up – my arch is flattening and sure do have some bunions. Anyone else have this problem? After taking the day off to give my shins a breather, knee pain started to occur. 😦

Back on topic, I found the new Fiber One cereal. I’m told I eat like an old person, but this is so good and was on sale at our local grocer. Even my little cousin likes it. I’ve had a bowl with almond milk every night!

Another [rare] snack is the hot bar from Whole Foods. The Newport Beach location always has great options like coconut yams, corn salad, and of course, a bite of mac and cheese. 🙂

The return of Arctic Zero. I foresee a lot of these in the summer.

I spent the evening making a card and putting together this Valentine’s Day care pacakge. I cut out pictures from magazines for the inside, including a hot girl in a bra at the bottom, and drew pictures on the sides of the box (thanks to ideas from Pinterest).

*There’s space left so I want to add some more novelty items besides candy and snacks.
Do you have a foot problem that has caused other pain?
What’s your favorite breakfast?
Ideas for a rear bike rack?
Favorite snack lately?

5 thoughts on “WIAW: New & returning

  1. Good morning! Happy WIAW. Your blog is looking great. I love piyo too and my shins have been giving problems lately also. I will have to try the Fiber One Chocolate, it looks good.

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