What’s For Dinner? & Five for Sunday



Pina colada fro-cho

I love the idea of Five For Friday and while I made a list of meal ideas for the week, I found a ton of other recipes and ideas. Thank you Pinterest. 🙂

5 foods I want to make and/or consume this week:
Best banana bread you’ll ever have, which of course is Joy the Baker’s recipe. I’m making this for Friday.

There’s bacon in there, but I can do without.

Almond joy butter

Non-food to do for Valentine’s Day

All of these doughnuts. I can’t wait for Sidecar Doughnuts to open up here – I keep missing their free tastings because of work!

5 fit goals for end of January:

  • Ride my bike once a week. With the warmer weather, I’m down to ride to the beach to enjoy the sunset. 
  • Try TRX. I was supposed to do this last week! No excuses.
  • Take another barre class.
  • Sleep 8 hours and take a nap once or twice a week.
  • Stretch and do a yoga session at home 3xs each week.

5 ways to destress:

  • Read Gone Girl. It’s slow coming because I prefer a real book and am reading on a Kindle instead.
  • Bike. Meditation and yoga are grounding for others, but I have trouble meditating and I like challenging yoga classes.
  • Afternoon yoga at home does work though.
  • Watching the dogs. They may bark at me but I’m still in awe of them.
  • Napping. Who doesn’t like naps? I vow to take one nap per week! 

5 items on today’s agenda:

  • Sleep in. I still woke up at 8 A.M.!
  • Drive to the store to buy cottage cheese for oatmeal protein pancakes. 🙂
  • Walk to and from yoga.
  • Paint nails.
  • Bike to the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Also, Whole Foods has a great deal with $1.50 off coupons on 2 99-cent Luna bars. I also got a stash of Clif Kids coupons! 🙂

Do you coupon? 
What are you doing on this fine 3-day weekend?
What yummy foods are you making this week?

4 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner? & Five for Sunday

  1. That is a great deal with the Cliff bars! I coupon sometimes but not as much as I used to.We don't really have a 3 day weekend but I called in sick because I have a computer. Which is now acting back up again since I got on the computer. :)I love stuffed baked potatoes. Is that butter, sour cream???what on there?I use nonfat yogurt to give me the same creamy feel.

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