One interview

Last night I got called in and following my new motto for work, “Go when asked,” I went. That’s 5 days of my part-time job this week!

Gotta do what I can to make some extra money.

This morning, I woke up to interview for a substitute teacher position in the district I currently work for.

We did group interviews, which was difficult especially when questions had few answer choices. Immediately after, I realized I was the only person with a credential and fingerprints already on file. They wanted me today but I declined – I can’t have two positions at a time.

Despite that, I still received an e-mail for substitute orientation.

In the end, I decided I love my students too much and it’s not actually beneficial for me to leave. Not only is the pay the lowest for subs in the area when we have the highest salary for teachers, but my position has allowed me to connect with teachers and staff much more than any sub position.

Regardless, I achieved my easy peasy January goal of applying for 3 jobs. The total count: no less than 15 jobs applied for.

I napped after work and headed to barre. I then spent an hour walking around Whole Foods while talking to my friend and ended up with a bar of chocolate. On sale of course.

I picked up my mail filled with all my tax forms and ended up eating a Quest bar for dinner and then a bowl of chocolate Fiber One.

Hm, I need to do some grocery shopping. I’m down to tuna and cereal!

WIAW: DIY Nut Butter & New Starts

I haven’t purchased Chobani singles in awhile in an effort to save money. Instead, I purchase the giant Fage 0% tubs at Costco. Once in awhile, I treat myself.

What’s your favorite Chobani flavor? Surprisingly mine are strawberry-banana, probably because it’s 2%, and lemon. Neither of which I would have considered.

I tracked down one of the peanut butters on my “to try” list from West Elm. Big Spoon Roasters is based out of Durham, North Carolina so I had to pick something Southern, peanut pecan butter. I’ve never ever had pecan butter before and it’s fantastic. I can’t stop eating it – only 8 ounces in a jar is not enough.

*I have to add Vermont Peanut Butters to my list too. They have such fantastic flavors. Anyone try them before?

My attempt at these pancakes was unsuccessful. Coconut flour makes me so thirsty!

Back to my usual oatmeal protein pancakes…

Monday was a long day and included an early staff development day. I’m now CPR trained! Then I napped for an hour before getting frozen yogurt 🙂 and going to work. Fortunately I left early, which never happens, and rushed myself to power yoga.

By the time I arrived, the line was at least 50 people long. However, most people don’t like being in the very front. I do. I was glad I went and got in a good sweat.

On Tuesday, I headed to my orientation for school. I got enrolled in classes that start in March. I’m excited and nervous at the same time – I haven’t been in school myself since 2009!

I finally made The Minimalist Baker’s Almond Joy Spread. I didn’t really measure everything out – just added sea salt, vanilla extract, coconut shreds, and chocolate as I saw fit. Deliciousness. Hm, maybe I can just concoct my own nut butter recipes. Ideas for cool mix-ins?

I’m wiped out from all the activity. Time to eat my late night chocolate Fiber One (yum!), lay in bed and watch “Pretty Little Liars.”

P.S. I’m not much into music but heard this song on the radio and love it.

Are you still in school? Do you plan on continuing your education in grad school?
If you’re not in school, how long has it been?

Book List: Gone Girl

I finished Gone Girl last night and am so sad it’s overI’m in disbelief of the ending!

The novel isn’t extremely suspenseful because the reader is omnipresent – you know both sides of the story about halfway through. At first, you’re siding with the wife and then you side with the husband. Though, honestly I sided with the husband all along.

The book is extremely easy to read and pretty short or at least went by fast. 

Next up, Wild, another highly recommended book.

I vowed to read at least 12 books this year. It’s not very much I know, but sometimes I can only muster a book a month. Other times I’ll read more than one book per month or I’ll read none.

Here are some books I’m interested in for the year:

  1. Gone Girl
  2. Wild
  3. Safe Haven – Once a year, I read a Nicholas Sparks book. My favorite is still The Notebook. I actually want to watch the movie now…
  4. Blackberry Winter The Violets of March is one of the best books I read in 2012.
  5. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Love Mindy Kaling!
  6. Blood Done Sign My Name Been meaning to read this for years since it received so much acclaim.
  7. Mockingjay – Read the other two and have this on audio. Though I think I’ll borrow it from the school library.
  8. A Walk in the Woods I love Bill Bryson.
  9. The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
  10. Almost Moon – I read The Lovely Bones in high school and loved it. I’ve always wanted to read this one.
  11. Midnight – Sister Souljah also wrote The Coldest Winter Ever. I was anticipating this book release but never got around to it.
  12. Population 485

What are you reading? 
What books do you want to read?
Have you read any of the books on my list?