MIMM: "Frandmas"

I was invited to an event called “Frandmas” on Friday. Frand being friend and though it was past Christmas, we still did ugly sweaters. I didn’t have a holiday sweater so mine was a large blue (Hanukkah) sweater with teddy bears that belonged to my grandmother.

Me and everyone’s girlfriend, and one hot lady in the back left there.

I made a batch of Joy the Baker’s browned butter chocolate chip cookies. Best cookies ever.

My friend had to take me home and I have no idea when I got back but I was asleep till an hour before work. Longest day ever… and now I’m sick!

Snoop Dogg Lion should endorse this. I got this and some tea on super sale for 99 cents! 🙂

I love this color. I should put a top coat on though but still haven’t gotten around to it.

A little pre-New Year message

How are you celebrating New Years 2013? I’m going to watch Rockin New Years’ Eve and probably fall asleep! Before that, I’ll be heading to PiYo and then work.

High Five Friday: Scary thoughts

Last night I was watching “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project,” and decided I love these shows because these girls are ME!

Yeah, there’s me, Yancey, Weston, and Gonzo/Luis. If you watch the show, you’ll get it.


In the last episode I watched, Jess says, “Oh, I’m straight up bananas.” A lot of her choices are ones I would make too, like living with dudes, my lack of relationships, and the fact that I am/will be a teacher.

Oh, and how I could I forget the Thanksgiving episode when Mindy meets the other brown chick. Of course they get a thin, ridiculously pretty one. That’s okay, I still have a lot of awesome attributes that transcend outer beauty… and I’m sticking with it.

New girl: “I love seeing other brown girls.”
Mindy: “Um, it’s not that hard. There are literally millions of us.”
That’s me when I meet other Asian people in a non-Asian environment, especially if you’re trying to move in on my man. Hopefully my men aren’t this unattractive though.
In other news, I found pumpkie pie soda. Where have you been all my life? It was disappointing though. Don’t get it. It tastes weird.

Dinner tonight now that I’m not meal planning. I will never know if I’m pregnant because I eat weird food all the time.

And I just applied for 2 positions as an admissions counselor at my alma mater. Yes, in Asheville. I realized I’m fully qualified for such positions, have familiarity with them, and that everyone who works seems similar to me.
I have no idea how that would work right now. I would need to crash with friends till my first paycheck and somehow find myself a car, which is the big part. I wouldn’t know how to tell my mom, especially if I need to borrow some funds. Although, I will be getting paid soon-ish so that would help.
Have you moved for a job? How did you find a place to live? Did you drive? My car is my first car from when I was 16 so it’s almost 10 years old. I would also have to drive all the way across the country! Would it be better to get a new car?

WIAW: Another phase of recovery? + paleo chocolate chip cookies

I’m not 100% sure if it’s working yet, but I’ll update you anyways. 

The past few weeks and possibly a month now, I’ve lessened my consumption of protein powders minus the occasional Quest Nutrition bar.

Since my weekend trip to L.A. and my weeklong vacation in Asheville, I’ve pretty much stopped meal planning. I have to stop myself often by reminding myself how much time I’m wasting by doing that. I know how to eat healthy. Calorie counting is obsessive. While I try to eat intuitively, I’m mostly just eating when I feel like it, mostly when I’m hungry but sometimes when I’m not.

I’ve also been to the gym a total of 5 times since mid-December. Instead, I’ve worked out at home with 30 minute cardio/strength combos and yoga.

Because I haven’t had to hit the gym and abide by a schedule, I get to sleep!

And while the scale shows just a little, I fit into all my clothes better. Even coming straight out of the dryer.

My whole body looks and feels firmer.

And the best part, my mind is more free. Sure there was/is some sadness from missing all my friends and stress of work post-vacation, but I’m a little happier.

On Christmas Day, I…

  • Slept a little less than usual
  • Woke up to text my friends (after calling them yesterday) my photo
  • Went out with my mom and aunt
  • Caught some of the Laker-Knicks basketball game
  • Worked out real quickly with Jillian Michaels’ Killer Abs
  • Baked healthy gingerbread that turned out too bready but was still fun to decorate
  • Ate non-traditional Christmas food of boiled veggies & straight-up beef
  • Watched “Home Alone” & fell asleep

At least the dogs like the gingerbread men…

    A gift from my mom. Now I’ll never have to search for my skillet.

    Next up is New Years. Resolutions aren’t happenin’. If you’re looking to make some, here’s an infographic guide.

    No more unnecessary lists for me unless it’s a list of reminders for today:

    • Print out CTEL scores & send out
    • Upload transcripts from USB
    • Deposit $ at the bank
    • Buy almond flour
    • Make paleo chocolate chip cookies

    You read that right. I was entranced by all the paleo Christmas cookie links that I decided to try my hand at a paleo choc chip cookie. Well, there were quite a few recipes with similar ingredients. I eventually went with the Northwest CaveGirls’ Paleo “BEST” Choc Chip Cookies because they were so insistent it was the best one.

    Verdict: Use 50% power on the microwave for ~1 minute (30 seconds on/off) and flip for a little more. These yield a much better cookie than in the oven because the almond flour burns quick!

    Other yummy recipes include:

    I’ll be experimenting with more paleo, especially since I got my bag of almond meal from Trader Joe’s and a bag of Enjoy Life chocolate chunks.

    Found this book hidden in one of my drawers. It’ll be interesting to browse through.

    Are you on vacation? If you are, what are you doing?
    How did you spend your Christmas? Any baking?