MIMM: Leisure

It’s officially Thanksgiving week and since we had the week off, I got to sleep in till 8 and toss and turn till 8:30.

All I had on my mind were oatmeal protein pancakes (How long have I been eating these? At least 4xs/week since September!) slathered with 1/2 a container of au naturel applesauce.

I finished it off with lots of green tea before walking to the gym.

I never ever get to go to PiYo so was glad to get in a sweaty workout without jumping around – that’ll happen later when I walk to the gym again for Zumba. 🙂

On the way home, I used my phone to study and was pretty happy with myself – I was able to answer all of the review questions.

I’m still worried about the application questions… I will go over them on my walk later today.

When I got home, I was starved. Walking always makes me hungrier. My cousin was hungry too so I ordered us a small Mexican pizza (without sour cream) from zpizza. It was pretty expensive considering the size and that they have a lunch special of 2 slices + a drink for $5. But, we wanted the Mexican and wheat crust.

I ate 1.5 small slices, omitting the bread and cheese from parts of it for the dogs, atop greens. My little cousin ate the remaining 4 slices!

Other eats, usually at night:

Gingerbread cookie protein shake

Single serving 2-minute chocolate cake

Mid-afternoon Only 8 frozen yogurt

Something to read. For free!

Some runs to consider, especially the first one!


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