It’s Ok: Christmas already?

Its Ok Thursdays

  • to be sick and not take meds. I started feeling dizzy at work. Though I just took some NyQuil and will fall asleep soon.
  • to be sick and rest. I took my rest day Tuesday and all I did Wednesday was a quick 10-15 minute CrossFit Countdown Home Workout. I got a little warm, which helped my congestion.
  • to talk on the phone for an hour with a long lost friend. We shared our stories and a lot of what we didn’t know about each other.
  • that I was excited about talking to one of the teachers! He’s pretty closed off normally.
  • to spend an hour picking at my pumpkin spice protein muffin. I ate it all, but I’ve lost my appetite.
  • that I’m freaked out the big test next week. It’s only one week away!
  • to want a red cup of gingerbread latte. I was all over pumpkin-everything and now all I want is gingerbread-flavored everything. Do they make gingerbread English muffins? If not, please do! *Starbucks is having a buy one, get one deal starting tomorrow!

  • that I almost forgot about eggnog lattes! Thankfully, I can sub the latte for rice/soy nog! 🙂 *I already bought the Gingerbread Spice tea. It’s just okay…
  • to want warm apple cider. Watered down because it’s too sweet otherwise.
  • to think of Christmas already. Creature Comforts already has her gift guides up!

  • that I drank over 161 ounces of water. All in all, it’s only a gallon and a quarter.

  • (source)


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