MIMM: What I Did Sunday

Went to a gentle yoga class at lululemon. My friend Alison taught this one.

Made pumpkin chocolate chip pudding cookies. Using pumpkin spice pudding mix gave the cookies pumpkin flavor without making them too soft.

Dressed up the dogs for Halloween. Kind of. The black and white one in the back got upset and stood in that position till we took it off.

Signed up for the big test. It’s coming in less than one month and you cannot imagine how nervous I am! It’s the stepping stone to a job, more tests, more certifications, etc.

Went to a meeting at work. Got my second annual sippy cup.

Oh, and I bought Reebok CrossFit Nanos! 

Other fun happenings from the weekend:

Won the bell. Good job Chargers! We have a giant inflatable bell in addition to a metal one.

Made a tortilla pizza!

Taking these as prescribed. They’re anti-stress supplements.

What is or was the biggest road block to getting to your dream?


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