WIAW: PB&J + pumpkin cream cheese chocolate cups

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween TreatsI’ve eyed some creative peanut butter cup recipes around the web and decided to make my own last night. It’s a simple and easy way to let out the sometimes baker in me, without actually baking.

I mixed peanut butter, protein powder, and nutritional yeast then lined it with Crofter’s rapsberry spread for a PB&J chocolate cup.

Look at those raspberry seeds!

I also made a pumpkin “cream cheese” chocolate cup by mixing pumpkin and Laughing Cow wedges.

This morning, I had some of a PB&J chocolate cup and a pumpkin amazeball before completing Bob Harper’s Body Rev Cardio Conditioning workout. This is the toughest exercise DVD I have (though I don’t have Insanity or P90X).

Nope, this wasn’t breakfast. This was dinner because I had a late lunch and didn’t want meat for dinner – it’s hard for me to digest. Instead, I made oatmeal protein pancakes with egg whites, cottage cheese, and oat flour, all of which are good foods for sleeping.

Do you eat breakfast for dinner?
Do you crave a different dinner if you have a late lunch?


3 thoughts on “WIAW: PB&J + pumpkin cream cheese chocolate cups

  1. i must confess some days a bowl of cereal is my dinnerif i have a late lunch i always have a lighter dinner as im.not that hungry so ill have soup or couscous and veggie or beans on toast

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