Study schedule, and time for more

I’ve started making batters at night, bake them in the morning as I get ready, and let them cool while I’m at the gym.

Mostly, it’s because I stumble upon baked good recipes at night and itch to make them. Last night it was Nourish and Flourish’s Cinnamon Streusel Protein Cake. I made half the recipe.

The ingredient list was simple: Greek yogurt, applesauce, oat flour, protein powder, and stevia. The topping included brown sugar and oats.

It was perfect on top of my nighttime snack of Greek yogurt and Walden Farms’ chocolate syrup.

Today was a rest day, which means I slept in, watched “Drop Dead Diva,” and finished Life of Pi! I always feel so accomplished when I finish a book.

I didn’t study so I made myself a study schedule because schedules seem to work so well for me.

  • Tuesday – ELL educational philosophies
  • Wednesday – SDAIE
  • Thursday – historical cases
  • Friday – review last 3 topics
  • Saturday – review last 3 topics
  • Sunday – assessment
  • Monday – assessment

I did fit in a workout. I completed Blonde Ponytail’s Total Body Tabata Home Workout. Only 20 minutes and 5 easy moves and I was done. I liked how quickly it went by and I practiced jumping back and forth into plank position – this will be helpful in yoga.

The moves:

  1. Plank rows with knee tucks & wide jump – I was able to do about 3 each time.
  2. Weighted skiers
  3. Plank to wide dead lift
  4. Reverse lunge with bicep curl
  5. Plank to shoulder press

After reading Rachel Ann’s post on the life lesson of using dry shampoo, I finally bought some. I saw Batiste’s brand at TJ Maxx but they ran out so I went by Sally’s Beauty Supply. This dry shampoo was on sale and donates money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The spray was sufficient this morning when I skipped a shampoo. Eventually, because I worked out, I got to wash my hair. *I shower and wash my hair daily, but on rest days I don’t know when to shower!

Have you ever used dry shampoo?


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