Chocolate & yoga, straight up.

I seriously had mango and shrimp for breakfast before leaving the house.

Farmer’s market, I’ve missed you. I don’t buy a whole lot – more avocados and corn but I sure do love going.

Win: I no longer want to buy freshly baked bread or baked goods. Cupcakes? No thanks. Chocolate straight up? Yes.

Sunspire drops!

We walked on over to the Trader Joe’s and found their dark chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt. I saw it over on Spinach & Sprinkles – there’s no TJ’s near her. I feel ya – I was Trader Joe’s-less for 6 years, but I survived. It’s good, but there were alternatives. Maybe not where she lives though.

Of course, I didn’t break a piece off correctly and now I have caramel oozing everywhere.

I stopped by for pizza at Mother’s. Having just some mango and shrimp makes me hungry for carbs – whole wheat carbs.

Again, I napped. Yikes, I’ve got to get over naps, but I love waking up early and have been staying up late.

I immediately got active with yoga. I drove myself to Ra Yoga for their 4:30 P.M. Ra Strength class. How many studios can boast a Saturday afternoon class?

The instructor was new-to-me. She looked strong so I was excited. I grabbed 5 lb weights and couldn’t decide on 3 or 8 lbs for the other ones. I started with 3s since everyone else got them but decided to get 8s in the end and I was fine.

We did quite a few vinyasas in which I “floated.” Ever since yesterday’s practice, I have become quite confident that I won’t misstep and fall over. šŸ™‚

A few of my favorites included warrior three with rows…

…and variation of thread the needle.


I was a sweaty mess. I always feel like I’m the only person dripping in sweat!

I wasn’t hungry immediately but after a shower, I was on empty. I polished off the mango and shrimp for dinner with the Power to the Greens I bought – finally found them! There’s spinach, kale, and chard. The mix makes it so much easier to eat.


What were your Saturday plans?
What is your favorite form of yoga?


2 thoughts on “Chocolate & yoga, straight up.

  1. I love the combination of sea salt and dark chocolate! In fact, I've been nibbling on some everyday–but just lil bites for self control šŸ˜›

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