Baking Kristin’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

After a bit of pittering and pattering around the house (studying and watching “CSI”), my cousin and I went to Ralphs for their new campaign get real {low prices} @ Ralphs.

I bought some powdered sugar and brown sugar to make cookies. My March Foodie Penpal Kristin e-mailed me her delicious recipe.

I went on a chocolate chip cookie baking binge to find the best one (banana chip, sparkling ginger chip, and gluten free are best) and my February Foodie Penpal Alex of Yums and Loves recently embarked on the venture.

I didn’t find a true chocolate chip cookie recipe for my arsenal till I received Kristin’s cookies. The mail wasn’t nice to them – they were in pieces! – but my cousin and I devoured them all that night.

Kristin was awesome enough to send me to the recipe this past week so I baked them tonight. THANKS KRISTIN!

Kristin’s chocolate chip cookies recipe yielded these beauties:

I made a half batch and only baked half of that for a total of 6 cookies. I believe the whole recipe would yield 24 cookies.

Regular ingredients. Unique process? I don’t know; I didn’t examine this and compare it to other recipes.

All I know is… lots of chocolate chips.

My little cousin poured herself a glass of milk to go with her cookies.

She liked them. Her brother said they just weren’t as good as Kristin’s.

I had half a cookie and then made myself a protein mug cake. I need a better recipe because this was so rubbery.

Here’s my rubbery protein mug cake recipe. HELP!

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbsp PB2
  • dash of baking soda
  • splash of vanilla

Blogilates’ protein cinnamon roll has essentially the same ingredients and when I make that, it is also equally rubbery. Any tips?

What’s your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? Favorite cookie recipe?
Do you have microwaveable single-girl dessert suggestions? Share! 🙂

Cheater’s reader: Catching Fire & LiveFit Day 47

As I slept last night, Catching Fire downloaded. My library didn’t have the book so I was wait-listed for the audio book. Um, totally awesome and totally cheating. I can “read” and multitask like I’m doing now. I’m already on chapter 4. Though, the woman reading it makes Peeta sound sarcastic all the time.

Breakfast: egg whites with jalapeno almond cheese and Wild Squirrel nut butter with half a banana.

New-to-me bars for snacks this week. My manager eats Zone Perfect bars and I trust her advice. I also nabbed a Pure Protein bar – I’ve had their shakes before.

After work, which I only went to for 2 hours, I went to the gym for a quick workout. Since I wasn’t feeling quite well, I did legs and a little warm-up. Plus, I forgot my earphones for Catching Fire & cardio.

I use my legs all the time and once upon a time, they were my strongest point. I still like working them out, but I’m careful about hurting my knees or back now.

Lunch: leftover gluten-free pizza from dinner last night

Dinner: chicken and broccoli

A few thoughts and links:

  • london bakes – gorgeous photographs and recipes
  • Considered buying The Farm of Beverly Hills Groupon, but it’s only for dinner and I would prefer going there for brunch.
  • Umami Burger opened up here today and apparently there wasn’t a big showing. I want their Tandoori burger! 
  • After The Color Run, I want to do the Pajama Run!
  • Mmm, I’ve always wanted to go to a Taste of [city name here].
  • I’m sad I missed this. I would love to see Jared Diamond.
  • Carbs that are worst than white bread.

How do you feel about audiobooks?
What keeps you interested during a run?

    Not everyday eating

    I could not eat like I did today everyday. Lunch and dinner cost me over $30!

    I had breakfast at home: double fiber English muffin with 2 egg whites & goat cheese on one side and PB & banana on the other.

    Usually I pack my own meals. I packed a lunch of buffalo chicken mac & cheese quinoa and some rotisserie chicken breast for dinner promising to buy something to supplement it.

    Well, the quinoa lacked chicken. I must not have divided the batch right. And the quinoa tasted funky. It had been in the fridge for a few days so I didn’t see a problem.

    Instead, I ate my chicken.

    After work, on the referral of a co-worker, I went to Loving Hut Vegan. I’ve bookmarked it on yelp for a long time and finally went.

    I didn’t want rice. They gave me rice though changed it out for salad. She didn’t close it properly and my sweet and sour divine spilled in the bag and my car.

    Okay, onto the food. For $8, it was terrible. There were maybe 5 or 6 little nuggets of soy protein and not very good at that.

    I ended up eating Chobani peach during my break but was still hungry.

    I stopped by Mother’s even though we got out late and the hot bar was closed. I didn’t like the looks of their pizza however, my mouth was watering big time.

    I grabbed a bag of Love Crunch’s aloha blend granola and took a handful to hold me over. I like this one more than carrot cake and definitely better than red berries and dark chocolate.

    Since I knew we didn’t have food at home, I called Avanti Cafe and ordered a gluten-free pizza with tomato cumin sauce, mozzarella, avocado, and soy nuggets.

    I ended up eating there. Each table had two tea lights so it was impossible to take a picture till I packed it in my to-go box.

    Fortunately, the pizza was much better. The crust was crumbly like gluten-free food sometimes is.

    And my leftovers will be 2 more meals for me!

    They also gave me a free snicker doodle that I’ll eat later. 🙂

    I’m on vegan kick. Just today though. And cookies this whole week! I’m normally a cake girl, but I keep dreaming of cookies.

    Oh and coffee in the morning. I have extra time in the morning when I workout at night, which didn’t happen today – I wasn’t well nourished and we got out late.

    Today I tried Bagelmania‘s Hawaiian hazelnut coffee. So delicious! I wanted one of their huge bagels with Hawaiian cream cheese (must be coconut and pineapple right?) but I restrained myself. I did just have breakfast.

    Check out their cool cup design!

    I’m wiped out so I’m glad it’s the weekend and I only have to work tomorrow morning.
    What’s your back-up lunch? Is there a specific place you go or are you like me with bookmarks on your yelp app? I used to eat Subway and Taco Bell’s fresco menu when I student taught. Everyday. I lost 10 pounds, but I definitely wasn’t healthy. I was just too preoccupied.
    Do you have a limit for the amount you spend on a weekday meal?