Sleep more please

I opted to sleep in today. I mean, who doesn’t need to catch up on sleep?

Also, I had no idea which class to take today or what workout to complete – fail.

I planned on cleaning out my car and vacuuming it, but alas, not able to do that since our extension cord is hidden somewhere. :/

So here I am, eating some oatmeal then getting geared up for work xs 2.

Maybe a little something after to go with my Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Though I might skip that to make myself not feel like crap.

Off to make my packed lunch for the day! Enjoy your day!

Fitness wish list

New workout gear is always on my wish list!

I’m short so capris are a better length than pants. Pants always run too long even when “short” sometimes!

Under Armor Varsity Women’s Capri Pants $29.99

I hope we get 70% off. If so, this is on the top of my list and maybe another Ultimate Hoodie!

Lucy Luxe Burnout Tee $59

Lululemon is pretty expensive, but I love this tummy-hiding doubled-up tank.

No Limit Tank $64

These shorts looks so freeing!

Weightless Split Short $49

Cutest shorts ever! They’re heather-colored and the band seems to fit flat. I have a pair of Brooks that are my favorite.

Glycerin Short $23

Cheap and tummy-hiding

C9 Babydoll Athletic Tank

This looks like the lululemon logo but cheaper! Yay Target!

C9 Long-Sleeve Seamless Athletic Tee $24.99

Other bras run for much more and the Champion bras I’ve purchased have been my favorite ones.

C9 Seamless Cami Sports Bra $16.99

The color is fantastic and I’ve heard so many great things about Brooks.

Brooks Women’s PureConnect Running Shoe $89.99

A super functional bag: a yoga mat carrier and a water bottle compartment

Crazy Zips Gym Bag $139

Mint is my favorite color and it’s sparkly but not tacky.

Pleated Pocket Yoga Bag $110

Made in one of my hometowns, Fountain Valley, and the sleekest bottle I’ve ever seen.

KOR Vida $24.95

Post logs


Workout notes:
Last day of Thanksgiving break and I started off with the elliptical. It felt great actually and my ankles were fine. I attempted lunges and squats. Boy were those squats hard. Lunges, however, went well. Zumba was difficult. Its been awhile and I could barely see the instructor so I had trouble following the moves. I haven’t been as jumpy lately. A little more practice and an instructor with more hip hop and less salsa will help too.

Food log:
Shakeology pre-workout
Butternut squash & shrooms w/ 1/2 goat cheese & egg on a low carb tortilla
Some beignets mom bought
Fro-yo from Icicles
Butternut squash & shrooms w/ broc & salmon

Fage 0% mixed w/ low sugar strawberry preserve

Worked today. We still had 30% off all sale items so while we sold quite a bit, $-wise, it didn’t amount to too much. However, on Friday and Saturday, we did well and if we are #1 in our district, we get a 70% off shopping spree! *crosses fingers* I held my first black card and whoa, it was heavy. The customers I worked with were nice and I’m getting the hang of selling things.


Workout notes:
I need more sleep, clearly, but in any case, I did okay. I woke up and headed over to the gym for 20 minutes on the upright bike. I usually set a resistance of 12 and it wasn’t terrible. I need to go back to the stationary bike to change it up because last time I was on that, I had trouble.

Food log:
Fage 0% w/ strawberry preserve
Butternut squash & shrooms w/ 1/2 goat cheese & egg on a low carb tortilla
1/2 bar of Luna Protein cookie dough
Fro-yo from Great American Yogurt (eggnog, pistachio)
Shrimp & Miracle Noodles with lettuce

Fage 0% w/ strawberry preserve
Apple w/ 1 tbsp. crunchy Barney almond butter

Back to work with the kiddos. Sadly, I didn’t see all my darling boys this morning because they’re gone to a different class on Mondays. :/ Things change and the freshman study skills class I work with is the worse – they’re not very nice. My juniors and science class freshmen are better and sweeter to the surprise of others.