This is my life… and I’m going to eat.

There are certain things I get obsessed with… like my recent love of donuts… and this morning’s half a jalapeno ham and cheese croissant. Okay, it was really like the filling that I ate and barely any of the croissant. 🙂

The croissant was courtesy of Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers in Huntington Beach. No picture cause, well, I ate that thing in the car. It’s all good though cause…

Because I was so adamant about a croissant, I ended up doing Bob Harper’s Cardio Rev Conditioning at home. It’s my toughest video workout.

Sleep was not bueno last night. I woke up at 5ish, 6ish, and finally at 7, when I wanted to wake up. But there will be no nap: interview after work today. More about that later. 🙂

Off to work!

Learning in progress

It’s Hump Day and I’m excited because after dinner (Blogilates pho recipe again), I’m heading to Ikea to check out some digs. I haven’t been there at all since I’ve come back. Despite some of its less than sturdy furniture, there are things that aren’t shabby. Though I’m going to be craigslisting the heck out of Orange County for some good stuff.

Why, you ask? Our home selling in North Carolina means we’re getting something here. It’ll be in a less than ideal location because of the price difference in California. Duh. But we figured if we don’t buy, we won’t ever have such funding again. It’s not mine per se, but as an only child, it eventually will be.

Unlike the bad choices I made with our last house, at 18!, I’ve come a long way now and know a bit more about quality. Since we’re in the market for something cheaper, mom has to settle on an older house which is my preference anyways. 🙂 We’ll also plan and do without while we save and look for pieces we want… instead of buying pieces right away.

More about all this later when it more or less materializes, but a girl can dream for now AND go to Ikea.

Back to reality, I woke up later today due to all the house searching last night. I made a protein-packed pumpkin breakfast cookie this morning. Kind of. It was gooey but still good.

I rode my bike to work – 3 miles. The ride was tough due to the wind and a tad bit of drizzle. Work was awesome as usual. I have to print a picture of a muskrat to prove they exist.

And I’m going to check out books on mountains. The kids learned about it today and I am fascinated. 🙂 The Rockies last summer:

The bike ride home was nice. More leisurely, warmer, and less windy. 🙂

One last thing: new to me almond milk for pumpkin spice lattes at home and a Diet Hansen’s tangerine lime soda. I like both. The price for the milk is cheap especially since it’s organic. Though the diet soda is made from Splenda, I got it because Zevia is so carbonated.

Upscale people’s bites, maybe

South Orange County has become quite nice. The first 4-5 years of my life was spent there till we moved to the bustling middle. Now I wish we hadn’t moved as this area becomes congested and the sparser areas now have more development.

I made a trip to check out Krazy Eddie’s Donuts in Laguna Hills. By the time I got there, there weren’t many donuts left. Lots of bagels. This is a jalapeno bagel with tomato basil cream cheese. The couple bites I took were not amazing. 😦

Frostings Cupcakes was down the road so I stopped by for cookies and cream. Awesome cupcake: moist and filled with cookies and cream down to the core.

When I actually ate, I stopped by Mother’s Market for a slice of organic and whole wheat pizza. Delicious.

For dessert, yogurt from Active Culture. Since I had bites of the cupcake earlier, I went with less. The view was gorgeous.

I ended up walking around downtown Laguna Beach for about an hour, discovering the quirky shops and cafes.

My second cupcake of the day was from Casey’s Cupcakes. I was excited for a peanut butter filled one, but it was rather disappointing. The cake was dry and the frosting was a PB buttercream that was less peanut buttery and more buttery. 😦

My last stop was on the way home as I drove up Pacific Coast Highway: Seaside Bakery in Newport Beach. I tried to go awhile back, but it was PACKED. I went for a jalapeno croissant with ham and cheese. The lady warmed it up and I ate half before finally heading home.

Good food. Though, I need a weekend job to take my mind off food. I mean, I did drive down there and never do. 😦 I paid for it the next day though.