So far Friday

Shakeology to start my day.

24 S.E.T., which gets frustrating, but I dealt.

Because I love Turbo. Though lately, I’ve been kind of out of it.


Ate some salmon and broc with tomato sauce on shirataki noodles.

Cooled down with a mix of honeydew, cantaloupe, and grapes.

Found this awesome breakfast flow chart on The Kitchn.

Now what?

Groceries? Because I’m always eating. I need apples, almond milk, and some chocolate! Oh yeah, I need A piece of bread and some more veggies for actual meals.

Sneak in a nap.

Get frozen yogurt. I’ve been craving since yesterday and my fruit and Arctic Zero mint choc ice cream has not stopped me from craving some.

Ingredrients to make…

Not having my car and thus, supplies, and not having my own kitchen, I’ve been struggling a little. Its been better for my health though that I don’t bake and consume huge amounts of baked goods.

Sometimes my simplest meals are tough though because I don’t like using other people’s kitchens. Even no-bake goodies are a hassle when I can’t find everything I need or feel like I’m making a mess.

Not only do I have the ingredients for these 3 recipes, they’re also super easy and delicious. Good thing I started liking oats.

Wait, I don’t have almond milk. I need to get on that NOW.

Loca for local food, shopping, events, & sunshine

Morning started late.

I headed to the farmer’s market on the Orange County fairgrounds. They’re open Thursdays before the fair is open. We bought avocados and peaches.

Next up, we tried some clothes on at Buffalo Exchange at the LAB. It was a disappointment. :/ Thankfully I stopped by for coffee over at The Gypsy Den to keep me going.

The LAB is a place I’d enjoy, but I’m more partial to the CAMP. They’re both alternatives to the big box South Coast Plaza, but the CAMP is my earthy and simplicity to the jumble of the LAB.

I love Costa Mesa for its shopping as well as Japanese stores. A grocery store takes up most of the room in the buildings of Mitsuwa and Marukai, but at least Mitsuwa has other little shops and an awesome food court within the store. Japanese food-to-gos have the best fake food displays. I got some T-Toast from Mammoth Bakery in Marukai. It’s buttery toast filled with blueberry jam. I had a nibble and saved the rest for my little cousin.

When we finally got home, I had a salmon, avocado, and goat cheese quesadilla. Or as much as a quesadilla as I’ll eat.

I took my afternoon nap then I went for a 4+ mile walk around Mile Square Park. They were having a free concert and tons of families came.

I say 4 “plus” because I accidentally walked into the golf course area and had to backtrack to even get out. :/

It was dark by the time I finally finished my walk.

Dinner was salmon and avocado over kale with some green beans. Delish.

I ended it with some kettle corn popcorn.