Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Is it summer yet?


Peter [and Anthony] finally came by to put up the TV. After an hour and a half, including a run to the store for batteries, there are 6 holes in the wall and no TV… :( We will need smaller screws.

Class on a Monday night – so boring and unnecessary!


A quick stop by TJ Maxx where I found this collection.


I ended up buying only the octopus mug.IMG_4323

I worked on Tuesday then got ready quickly for Taco Tuesday. We didn’t even get tacos. Instead, we went to House of Blues for some drinks… lots of drinks.

In the morning, we ate some Thai food – I had Tom Yum soup with chicken.

…and I played hooky and we headed to Corona del Mar. First time there!



We walked on the rocks all the way to the end of the jetty. It was quite a workout.


I got this gift from a friend – perfect because I’m collecting magnets!


This article, “#SingleGirlProblems: 17 Reasons I’m An Undateable Girl” is me, especially:

1) I’d rather stay in than go out.
2) If I go out, I’m not remembering the majority of it.
5) I can’t even commit to what I want for lunch.
7) I love my best friend more than I can foresee myself loving a potential partner. (“No homo” even though my BFFs are dudes.)
8) I have a low tolerance for bullsh*t.
9) I’d rather hang out with my guy friends.
10) I have trust issues. (Yeah, probably.)
12) My after work schedule doesn’t allow for a relationship.

Or maybe because I went to karaoke and totally fell in love with this tall guy with a sexy voice. I was mesmerized by every song he sang at karaoke – he sang them better than the original.

Then I found out he’s 22 and a drummer in a band.

We’re going back next week though because I have to duet with a couple of the guys, like the one who sang “Milkshake.” Made our night!

So much fun… and now off to work!

MIMM: Country lovin’

Friday, a Corolla delivered my TV mount… just like my friend Peter said. Weird. Anyways, only $22 from Monoprice! Waiting for Peter to put it up.

I spent the afternoon making this MARVELOUS piece of art: just painted a piece of wood, put in some nails, & strung it with jute.


I started with the left side so it was packed with nails… I love you Asheville.


Green smoothie in my MARVELOUS dollar margarita glass.


Saturday was super productive. I fell asleep on the couch, worked out intensely, and then cleaned! I painted the mantel and doorways too.


“Maybe we can sleep in / Make you banana pancakes.” Jack Johnson is MARVELOUS.


I still need a hair cut… today is the day.


I quickly put this together for my little cousin Catherine. :)


We hung out, got some frozen yogurt, and I painted my nails.


I made a quick green smoothie to go as well.


I kept it light so I could enjoy Belmont Brewing in Long Beach. Such a MARVELOUS view from the table.


I had their beer taster, and loved each one except the IPA of course.


I picked the MARVELOUS macadamia crusted mahi mahi with salsa and green beans.


Makeup? Me? Yeah, there’s a little bit on…


After dinner, we headed to Cowboy Country. It’s a HUGE venue with 3 dance floors, 2 bars, a live band, and a pool area! We learned to line dance and then watched as people [country] danced to pop songs! There were 2 guys, in particular, who broke dance and did push ups in the middle. HOT.


I had a Shiner Bock FOR TEXAS!


The guy who took our picture was hot. To his girlfriend: “You go girl!” Gives us all hope (and I got a great compliment that I should get a cute guy because I’m cute. That’s what friends are for… and I need it!).



Today was low-key. I tried to take a nap but had to run errands, get a few groceries, and went out to dinner with Peter and friends. We headed to Thai Nakorn to share chicken satay with peanut sauce, BBQ beef, Tom Yum soup (so good!), and they had pineapple fried rice. I’m not usually a big fan of Thai food, but it was MARVELOUS!

New finds:

This Hi-ball kept me up to finish my darn homework…


Oh Target… even your dollar section rocks. I need some more ribbon for my garland – trip to Target tomorrow? I think so.


This week will be MARVELOUS.

  • Working a few days at my second job.
  • Finishing (I hope!) all my homework somehow!
  • Going to Taco Tuesday with Paul Pierce. I’m nervous guys! I need to get my hair  cut, do my nails, and clean up the house more!

Shout out to my MARVELOUS friends that remind me of some important things:

1. “You should be with someone cute because you’re cute.” Hey, I am! :)

2. Peter, the BFF: “He’d be making a big mistake [if he doesn't like you].”

I shall remember this and the times when I’ve realized [later] that I’m really too awesome… and they’re just not. Having mostly male friends has spoiled me.

So you guys, Paul Pierce or BJ Penn?


Five Things Friday: Belated


It’s actually Saturday morning and I’m late on this one. I fell asleep early last night and today I’ve got a full agenda!

  • Workout
  • Paint mantel and doors
  • Hair cut
  • Shower
  • Pluck eyebrows
  • DIY supplies?
  • Finish assignment
  • Out with the girls

Five things I ate

Oh chemical goodness. I love snickerdoodle cookies so this was a splurge.


Better with Veggies’ pumpkin cupcakes with spiced protein frosting for breakfast everyday :) Mine only yielded 6.


Wednesday night, I popped in Eats from the Oil Patch’s PB&J spelt bread. Bulk N Buy opened up nearby and they have bulk bins of everything including spelt flour.


Whole Foods Dollar Thursday pick: young coconuts. I drank the water then had some of the meat.


Finally tried EPIC Bar‘s turkey protein bar… it’s essentially delicious turkey jerky.


Five things that happened this week

Well there goes 7 years of bad luck. I opened one of the panels on the medicine cabinet and it fell down…


I fell asleep at 6:30 then woke up at 11. Back to bed at 1.


My student had to furnish an apartment for his math project. He picked this lamp. This is my life and it’s awesome!


Another student let me borrow “Frozen.”


I dug this out of the boxes. Gonzo stole this from some restaurant bathroom in Asheville. He really should have kept it since his car was used for “mass transit.”


I’ve worked out everyday this week, sometimes after work and it was hot – teaches me to workout in the afternoon. :(

This was after a 7 minute AMRAP of overhead lunges, mountain climbers, side planks, and air squats. I got in 3 rounds.


Five Four links

Physical vs. emotional stress then listen to this podcast

On being too healthy

Super Slim Me

This video by Maddie Moon:

“Why do I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way, to have this tiny measure of body fat?
For who? For me? Because my standard of perfection will never be met. The world doesn’t care what I look like.
…considering they don’t care and they don’t think about me.
And I’m not saying that I’m 100% there yet. I’m not to where I don’t even think about my body. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer.”