WIAW: Eating on a Social Life (with tacos & margaritas)

I’ve balanced green smoothies…


and Epic bars, which are on sale at Whole Foods for 2 for $5…


With vegan pizza


…and tacos (Wild Alaskan salmon taco).


I went to Taco Tuesday with [some of] these lovely co-workers. It was our first time at Taco Mesa, a small but super packed and super good joint.


I picked up Nicole a bit early so we stopped by La Vida Cantina, which just replaced an old but similar kind of restaurant.

$4 margaritas


Great atmosphere with 3 bars, outside dining, and fire pits.


I can’t wait to come here again for their other fancy dranks.


At the end of the night, I feel okay when I indulge in some ice cream:


Arctic Zero sent me a big ol’ box of their new flavors, all of which are amazing! I’ve purchased and tried their other flavors on my own, and have to admit, I only really liked Vanilla Maple. That was a shock considering I love chocolate peanut butter and cookies & cream, but I just didn’t like how it was executed. However, Arctic Zero hit it out of the park with all 3 of their new flavors.

What’s your favorite taco meat? Grilled fish of any sort.

What’s your favorite Arctic Zero flavor? Salted caramel for sure!

Treat Yourself Tuesday: My Summer Beach Body


1. Comfort food

I was at the Whole Foods hot bar and grabbed a little cheesy pasta (not very good) and some Jambalaya shells.

Vegan pizza with an organic crust


2. New things for the house

I got the large J, a frame, and green vase. Now I have to figure out how to organize them.


3. Going to the beach and spending 5 hours there because it’s actually hard to relax that much.

We played kickball on the sand, ate s’mores, drank some beers, and then finished it off with a fancy hot tub.


We also roasted a Lego man they found.


4. Loving my body right now.

Less stress about food and exercise, and more fun makes my pants looser.


 5. Being okay with things that are out of my control.

Guys, I didn’t get the job again after another second interview and I wasn’t all that upset. I’m getting used to the no’s, but I do have to apply again.

IMG_28406. Having fun anyways!

With my co-workers tonight! IMG_2802

Seeing this week’s #ManCrushMonday on Wednesday after 4 years!


When’s the last time you played kickball?

What’s your favorite comfort food?

MIMM: 9 Loves, Including Work!

Work is marvelous. It really is. My coworkers, Christy & Andrea, made me this wine cork frame.


I took a picture to put in it. Christy is a cutie!


We tried on everyone’s glasses. I actually need glasses and Chris’ style is perfect.


And woohoo it’s finally my weekend! Time for some MARVELOUS sleep!



…and continuing on with this challenge:

Day 2: Nine Loves in no order

1. The people I work with

Everywhere I work, I’ve found people to bond with, like Christy & Chris!


We’re going to Taco Tuesday and hopefully my “guys” will come too.


2. My mom

3. My cousin Catherine

She got this dress, I tried it on, and I found the same one, in the same size. :)



4. My phone

5. Eating out at restaurants

Ceviche, shrimp cocktail, or the like all week! It’s like that week I couldn’t stop eating sushi/sashimi…


6. Boys, all of them

Ryan and Evan rock my socks!


7. Summer craziness

Oh I may regret it later, but I love it now. This includes the ONE DAY I eat fair food. I had corn in a cup, shrimp cocktail, pulled pulled over fresh potato chips, and more! I did okay – didn’t eat the fried Doritos or fried pickled anything (gross).


No worries, there’s some normal-ish eating.


8. Creepin’. Thank you social media. Haha. I definitely learned to put it away when appropriate.


9. Me! This is horrible probably, but I love who I’ve become. A friend told me I was positive. It has taken a lot of work and it takes work everyday to keep sane. Sometimes I get hyper and a little out of hand though like tonight but usually, I’m not too crazy/creepy.


What do you love?