Treat Yourself Tuesday: School & Yoga Supplies

First, look who’s here to visit.

IMG_4518Before I go to work for the first time (after I sign my contract), let me link up with Becky to share all the cool things I’ve treated myself to.


I’ve definitely treated myself now that I have a full-time job with a salary.

A lot of it has to do with school.

I made a big order of borders, letters, and a lesson plan book. This shipment is taking sooo long though.


I used some Sharpie paint pens to make my classroom expectations.


Notebooks ready for each class I’m teaching:


A fresh pack of pens for moi.


Waiting to use those pens for my new planner (on the way). It took so long to decide against a Whitney English poster ’cause I didn’t want to pay $59 + shipping and I had a gift card to Amazon from my co-workers.

Oh and I finally, after years of having a yoga mat, bought a bag for it.

Oh and my Fabletics outfit came.


I got the Sevier with the gorgeous Miri tank. The straps were falling down, but I remedied it by pushing the straps together in the back and it stayed during yoga.

The Lima capris are a staple for Fabletics. They’re high-waisted yet not compressive enough in the waist to be okay and dare I say, it was too high for me.

I may return the Sevan sports bra – it flattens me even more and it has the same strap style as the tank so it makes for too many straps if worn with the Miri tank.

MIMM: Marvelous Last Days

I grew up in Huntington Beach. Then I left home. I went to school in a neighboring city because my parents didn’t want me to go to the ghetto schools. I moved back here and worked here. Even when I bought a home in a new city, I still worked there. The 35 minute drive home kind of sucked even though it was traffic-less.

Friday was the end of that. No longer do I live or work in Surf City USA.

No more SAC lunch Thursday although I never eat it. They made spaghetti squash spaghetti and made me crave it. I headed over to Mama’s on 39th for theirs.


Organic Frosted Flakes ice cream from SweetXO.


Picked up donuts for my last day with the juniors and freshmen





She dropped in to visit.


Last day with the sophomores.


Yes, we still did work.


Loving messages from all the kids.


…and finally recognition. I mean, I did get skipped every time they announced a long-term sub or student teacher for 2 years but whatevs.


The important thing was that ALL THE TEACHERS/AIDES in my department came into my 6th period to surprise me with this card, a few gift cards, and hugs.


They also gave me some loot for my new classroom.


I also got some lovely e-mails from parents.


8 years in this business: education

Last time, I broke the good news of getting a FULL TIME TEACHING POSITION as a middle school social studies/special education teacher.

Of course, now is when I get bombarded with calls for interviews right?

I received a call from another district to work at their middle school. I promptly said no thanks.

On top of that, I was asked if I still wanted to interview for my current position. I’m a long-term sub for a woman who retired. The application period doesn’t end until today at 4PM so they can’t interview till maybe Monday for the 1st round.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to just part ways after 3+ years and start a new chapter in my journey.

Why it’s a winner:

  • It’s closer to home. Not a big deal, but everyone seems to think so.
  • I get to use BOTH credentials and therefore, keep them!
  • I only teach social studies! All the other interviews I’ve had were for English – I make it work, but I’m just not as good.
  • It’s a technology magnet school. I’m not clear on that yet, but that sounds good! I love technology!
  • I get a salary and one of the best salaries in the county at that! As a sub, I came in when teachers came in and left after they did yet I only got paid for the hours of teaching. That amounts to 1/3 of a starting teacher’s pay.
  • They want me there. I love the staff at my old school, but I would like to feel appreciated by the higher-ups.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and recap the EIGHT years I’ve worked in education and watched my peers get jobs long ago. It’s pretty ridiculous because I’ve been recognized/won awards for being an awesome educator.

  • 3 years (from 19-21) as the lead tutor in AVID, a college-readiness program, at an urban-ish high school

I tutored them daily.


I went to their awards ceremonies and graduations.


And I even got to chaperone them on a college trip.



  • 1/2 year student teaching Social Studies (US History, World History Honors, & psych) where my window looked out to mountains and my students worked at places like “Moose Cafe.”





  • 1/2 year as a sub
  • 1 year as an assistant teacher at a preschool. It sucked.

They sure were cute though!




  • 2 years as an aide in Special Education


  • 1/2 year as a long-term sub in Social Studies (all levels) in Special Ed.


  • 1/2 year student teaching Special Education (senior English and basic Algebra)
  • 3 weeks subbing Special Ed World History, English 3, and English 2

I’ve loved every moment, except that year at the preschool, and have grown so much as a teacher with every opportunity.

Next week, I get my own classroom 2 weeks into their school year.

  • I picked up my hiring packet on Wednesday and was fingerprinted.
  • I got my TB test today and get it read on Saturday. Had I known earlier, I would’ve gotten it done and had the weekend to get ready.
  • The person who does contracts isn’t in on Monday so I’ll wait until Tuesday to sign.
  • …and I start Wednesday of next week, the day before Back to School night!

I’ll have to get in their quick and do amazing work in case I don’t love it, which would be unlikely, and want to try elsewhere next year.