Five Things Friday: Treats (iPad Air)


5 scenes from the week

I spent all day training, learning about behavior interventions and how to physically intervene too.

While I was away, my kids got to watch “Encino Man,” make a crest/shield, and visualize the American Revolution.


Because of work (boo!), I missed the Ocean Spray PACt fitness event with Fitnessista (and others)! I did spot the “water” at the store and got to try it.


I have mustered enough energy to do a 30 minute workout everyday. In the past, I would’ve freaked out at just 30 minutes, but now, it’s good enough, especially since stand/walk around all day and can hardly get in lunch.


Other than that, I attempted and completed filing all my students’ work.


…and here’s a cute picture of my dog for ya.


5 pretty exciting things

I finished my pumpkin!


My taste in music nowadays is… rainy?


I got a free song too. This is Pink’s new project and it’s good!


I have insurance now!


The big one: I spent my entire Thursday after work playing with my new toy, my iPad Air, which I totally deserved after the day I had…


Of course, I needed to procure a case for it. It’s still in the mail though.

5 things I’ve eaten this week

Guac and chips on Tuesday when I was too lazy to go to Taco Tuesday


Ultimate sandwich: Applegate Farms’ pepperoni and soy cheese between Kodiak Cakes.


More Applegate. I love deals.


Speaking of deals, I got $2 off food at Starbucks. Now I can’t get over this turkey bacon breakfast sandwich.


I finally found Luvo flatbread and used a coupon I’ve been holding onto. So good!



…and I have another one in the freezer. :)


5 things I’m looking forward to

Pumpkin Glow

Anaheim Fall Festival

Bicoastal Biathlon, which I haven’t decided if I’m going to yet.

Getting a manicure with my little cousin


MIMM: “Work Hard, Play Hard”

The first thing that came to my mind: I haven’t worked out much at all this last week due to trainings, volunteering, and then going out with my co-workers.

…at least I got paid an extra 11 hours last week and at least I had some fun.

Saturday morning, I volunteered at a cross country meet.

I stopped by for coffee and reading at The Gypsy Den before going to the new hire orientation.


Afterwards, some of the girls and I headed for drinks. We started at Native Son Alehouse.


They have a marvelous view of Downtown Santa Ana.


Our next stop was for a couple of cocktails and guac and queso fundido with chorizo at Lola Gaspar.


Finally, we stopped at Chapter One for Brass Monkeys.


Our night didn’t end there. We stopped by my friend Ryan’s kitschy artsy apartment and made our way to meet up with another co-worker for a Halloween party where I impressed them with my beer pong skills. :)

I spent most of Sunday hungover and sleeping.

My pumpkin is still not done…

This week, I will definitely be taking it slower and working on my mental and physical state. :)

5 Things Friday: Updates & TV Shows


4 scenes from the week

1. I love happy hours.

I met up with some girls at 55 Tavern + Bowl on Monday for a beer and this amazing Paleo burger with a plantain bun.

We made an impromptu walk over to the new Nails by Priscilla for pedis.


2. Work is keeping me super busy. But hey, I am getting paid an extra 9 hours this week!

2 after school training sessions

IMG_4908I also volunteered to chaperone a middle school dance and boy, it was awkward.

Somehow I got roped into a cross country meet tomorrow morning…

Before I head to a new hire orientation. At least there’s happy hour with co-workers afterwards…

3. I am not nor have I ever been gluten intolerant. Thank goodness ’cause I love my bread.

I attempted to go to Savor Santa Ana after the above training. It was packed though so I stopped by Crave for this BLTA and the A (for avocado) is essential and essentially California.


4. I finally bought an iPad! I got the first iPad Air now that its price dropped, which also means the refurbished ones are cheaper too!

5 TV shows

1. “Being Mary Jane”

Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut were staple actors in black romantic comedies from the 90s-2000s. Anything they do, I’ll watch even to this day. This show is dramatic and is some sort of first for BET. I can’t wait for the next season. How does she still look so young after so long?

2. “Accidentally on Purpose”

Jenna Elfman is back too! I didn’t like her in “Dharma and Greg” but love her in this show. Maybe I’m yearning for TV shows from my childhood… It’s simple and comedic.

3. “About A Boy”

When I saw David Walton on the cover for this show, I had to watch it. I always see him here or there (“New Girl”) but never for extended periods of time. Minnie Driver is also on the show.

4. “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix

For some, “Dawson’s Creek” was vital to their childhood or teenage years. I didn’t like it then and I’ve only attempted to watch a few episodes now. However, we all agree that our love for the “Gilmore Girls” runs deep. I will be watching all the seasons again and wishing to visit New England one day.

5. “Supernatural”

I was supposed to sleep one night when I put this on. I got so engrossed in it that I couldn’t sleep. First off, Dean (from Gilmore Girls) is in it and Jensen Ackles… well, he’s hot. I’m shocked because I don’t typically like sci-fi.